The Process

We use a modular approach to marketing that always aims at increasing brand recognition and your rate of conversions. It is our belief that different businesses have different needs and we mix and match our services depending on your strengths and weaknesses.

Content Marketing

Creating valuable, relevant and consistent content for new and existing audience

User Experience Analysis

Understanding your customers motivations and needs for a memorable experience on your website

Social Media Marketing

Producing original content for your target audience to increase brand awareness, engagement and sales

Online Advertising

Taking advantage of some of the most powerful tools such as Google Adsense and other channels for a direct growth impact of your target audience


A step by step guidance and action plan into the world of SEO for a better organic growth, conversation and user retention


Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Online Advertising

Through Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Online Advertising we increase and direct traffic to your website from these different channels.

By improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we make sure that you don't lose any visitors on the way. Your website will pop up in relevant searches all the time!

Once the visitors flood your website we make sure we convert them to paid customers by improving their User Experience (UX).
If they find your website easy to use, they'll find it easy to pay!


Through these packages you can take a look at what you can get for a certain budget. However these are only starting points as we tailor our service to your specific needs vs. budget.


CHF 1200

starting, base price

  • 2 times a week social media posting up to 2 channels
  • 1 paid ad a month, highly polished advertisement
  • 1 backlink identification a month, and monthly SEO analysis
  • Monthly UX analysis and advice


CHF 2500

starting, base price

  • 3 times a week posting up to 3 channels
  • 2 paid ads a month, highly polished ad campaign
  • 3 backlink identifications a month, monthly SEO analysis
  • Monthly UX analysis, advice, and strategy report


CHF 4000

starting, base price

  • 6 posts per week up to 4 channels
  • 4 paid ads a month, original creative campaign + 1 video ad
  • Monthly SEO analysis and 1 action point implementation
  • Monthly UX analysis, advice, and strategy report

* for a social media set-up service, there is a one-time fee of CHF